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Welcome to NBS! It is a bold statement, we know. But it is what we truly believe in. Honesty, transparency, no overselling. We take pride in doing a great job and we take it very seriously – keeping it informal.

NBS IT Recruitment is a recruitment agency specialized in the digital and IT fields, operating mainly in Spain & Portugal.

Our Services


Our mission is to become our Partners’ go-to IT Recruitment agency while providing meaningful career changes to IT professionals


Establishing meaningful long-term relationships with Partners, IT professionals and team members to foster organic growth in quality


We are a group of senior IT recruiters & IT Headhunters with vast experience in the sector working in a full cooperative mode.

Establishing meaningful long-term relationships with Partners, IT professionals and team members to foster organic growth in quality
Our specific background and specialization allow us to work in squads with focus in the following areas:


Systems / Database Administration


Digital Marketing


Our difference?

NBS means honesty and realism. If you are asking for something that cannot be delivered for the price you are offering, we will tell you. If candidates are asking for salaries way above their seniority, we will let them know.

I NBS means transparency. If we have doubts about a candidacy, we will tell you upfront. When candidates’ expectations are way below the market, we will inform them too.

Don’t get us wrong. We are running a business here. We want things to work, so we will make sure that every party is aligned with each other in as many ways as possible. But we do believe in long-term relationships with candidates, clients, providers, and whatnot, and we happen to know that the only way to achieve this is through mutual trust and openness. We don’t want to be your source of candidates. We want to be your recruitment partner. The one you can always count on.

Give us an initial vote of confidence. You won’t need more.

NBS is a bold statement, we know. But it is what we believe in. Honesty, transparency, no overselling. We are a group of experienced IT recruiters working in full cooperative mode. Strong teamwork, not unhealthy competition. We don’t believe in pyramidal business models but a personal approach and attention.

More boutique approach with a generalist fee.

IT Talent Recruitment Services

Finding the right talent is never easy. Your company is different. The way you work is not the same as the way they do it anywhere else. Your values, your vision and your mission are special. You not only need someone with the right IT skills, but someone who shares your culture, thrives with your projects, and grows with your challenges.

Well, that is our specialty. We will get to know you first, talk about the way you see your company’s past, present and future and which are the most important values you want to find in your employees.

 Then, with that in mind along with a clear job description and terms and conditions we will let you know what we can and cannot do for you with total honesty. We would rather ‘underpromise’ and overdeliver than the other way around.

Having said this, let’s talk about the IT Talent
we can probably bring to your company:

Software Engineering

Back-end / Full-stack



Systems / Database Administration


Security Engineer

Database Administration

System Administration

QA and Testing



Digital Marketing


Latest Jobs Offers


The Information Technology market evolves constantly, but it also becomes saturated. Therefore, in 2021, NBS IT Recruitment was born with the goal of providing a differential value in this saturated market. 

We are an agency specialized in recruiting talent in the IT and Digital fields in Spain and Portugal . Our aim is to become the reference IT recruitment agency for our partners. With a solid group of senior IT recruiters, we can offer you the widest experience in the industry.

We are based on cooperation, not competition, where people are our priority.


Honesty and transparency in our work, where teamwork is a fundamental axis in our service. We offer the best HR consultancy on the market.

Thanks to our permanent analysis of the environment, we can inform you about the expectations of candidates in terms of salaries and working conditions. The best talent selection is made based on realism and honesty.

We analyze in detail the perspective of the selected candidates against the needs of the company and the budget and organizational conditions it offers. We stand out because we analyze the environment and transmit the real needs and expectations of the market and candidates in relation to your company’s offer.

The goal is to align the parties together to achieve functionality and productivity. Our goal is to go beyond being a source of candidates. We want to be your recruitment partner that you can always count on. You just need to give us your trust.

It may be an audacious but real and feasible claim, because we offer transparency and honesty in our services. As experts in IT talent recruitment, we work recruiting it talent as a team with personalized attention.


Finding the right talent that meets the expectations of the company and vice versa is not easy to do. Each company is different, it’s a world, a market and thousands of expectations. Each company has a unique working style, with a mission and vision that set its direction.

In this scenario, the organization not only requires personnel with adequate IT skills, but also those who share its philosophy and culture. Workers who make the projects their own and thrive with them as challenges. That is our specialty. To offer you business consulting services recruiting it talent so you can find that particular and special talent.

How do we achieve it?

We develop each project step by step to achieve success. First, we seek to know you and, through you, to know the company.

We will talk about how you see the past, present, and future of your organization, and about which are the most important values you want to find in your employees. With this important information combined with a clear job description, job profile, functions, and conditions, we will indicate with accuracy what we can and cannot do.

And we are very clear. We prefer to “promise less” and deliver more. Honesty, transparency, trust, and closeness is what allows us to achieve success together. Our work and digital presence are the best ways to tell the IT world that we are here to help in the best way we know how.


The work we carry out at NBS IT Recruitment Barcelona is focused on our two clients: talented professionals and hiring IT companies. And the secret is that we seek to pay attention to the small details and adapt to the needs of both parties.

Hiring Companies

We seek to establish long-term relationships by adapting to the needs of the company and being as honest and realistic as possible. If you are looking for a profile recruiting it talent that does not exist in the labor market, we simply provide solutions.

In the same way, with candidates, we do not present nonexistent salary expectations or include impossible demands. What you see is what you get.

In the context of IT talent recruitment and IT Human Resources, we immediately identify if a candidate does not have the required skills for a position. We are very honest in this aspect, just as if the salary you are offering does not align with the market, we will let you know immediately. We want to become your reference IT recruitment agency.

Talented Professionals and Human Resources

We apply the same philosophy to people who are willing to take the next step in their professional careers. For example, if a potential employer requests the fulfillment of certain not so ideal conditions, such as working without a set departure time, we will notify you in advance.

Similarly, we are clear about salary and working conditions so that if you are a candidate, you do not waste your time and decide whether or not to continue in the process. Our goal is for both parties to feel satisfied with the agreement. It is very simple. We present ourselves as we are: authentic and transparent.

If we contact you, it is because there are real opportunities aligned with your experience and interests. In addition, we facilitate the entire application process if you are interested in a job opportunity through the “Jobs” section of our website.

Even, you can receive updates on our job openings so you can be the first to know about new opportunities that match your profile and interests.

We value the fact that time is precious and that is why we aim to provide you with accurate, complete and first-hand information so that you can decide whether to apply or not. Additionally, throughout the process we will share all specific information and other details that may be needed.

As an added bonus, we enrich our blog with new information entries, topics of interest, and news related to human resources in general, and specifically with IT recruitment.

However, if you do not see an offer that is of your interest, you can contact us for future opportunities. Long-term relationships are what build trust and proximity, and are reflected in achieving the best benefits for both parties. And who knows, opportunities often appear where they are least expected.


Thanks to our training, specialization and experience, NBS it hr recruiters we are experts in selecting talents in specific areas of Information Technology. We focus on the following areas:

Software Engineering

  • Back-end / Full stack: JAVA, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node, C++
  • Interface: React, Angular, Vue, Typescript
  • Mobile: Android/iOS native, React Native, Xamarin

Systems Administration / Databases

  • DevOps
  • Security Engineer, Ethical Hacking, Pentesting
  • Quality control and testing


  • Product owner
  • Product Manager, UX/UI
  • Product designer

Digital Advertising

  • SEO (Content/Technical)
  • Performance
  • Communication
  • Design


  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence, big data

All you need to do is contact us. Quality over quantity in a world of empty promises and superficial relationships. We aim to present both sides of the story clearly and without exaggeration. We are here because we love what we do and believe that it is possible to do things differently. That is why we are different.

IT Recruitment NBS Find the IT talent your company needs
it recruitment services Title NBS

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