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We have decades of combined experience working in the HR field. We have dealt with thousands of situations with direct employees or our clients’ ones. We have learned what works and what doesn’t in many different situations. We are here to help you.
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Take advantage of our knowledge, the mistakes we have made or learned from throughout our professional career, and the solutions we have found for all of them.

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We are not lawyers, but most of the time there are lots of options to make things better just by applying some good old know-how.

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If you find yourself in a complex situation with one of your employees, there are always doubts and uncertainty about the best way to approach the situation. You may have doubts about how to properly apply the “Workers’ Statute” or what social benefits the employee is entitled to.

To resolve these doubts and act correctly and legally, we offer our Human Resources Consulting. While our specialty is IT talent recruitment, we are also experts in applying knowledge when it comes to resolving labor problems.

Several decades of experience and knowledge have allowed us to understand what works and what doesn’t in different situations. We are here to help you. The knowledge we have acquired has given us the tools to find effective solutions.

While we are not lawyers, in most cases we can solve problems by simply applying up-to-date good knowledge of human resources and the experience that characterizes us in this field.


The main objective of Human Resources Consulting is to provide human talent management tools and the necessary support for making correct decisions. In this way, the company and its personnel department will be able to have a 360° view of all its employees, to manage their well-being and also any problems that may arise.

This type of consulting seeks to improve productivity, efficiency and communication of the company’s human resources, and therefore, it is best that we can be external advisers who accompany you in the process.

It is synonymous with objectivity and critical vision of the problems that may be presented internally in the company. In fact, it is one of our most in-demand business consulting services among our clients.


A Human Resources Consulting evaluates and analyzes several aspects of the organization, including:

  • Company background: This involves assessing the company’s geographical, economic and social environment.
  • Public opinion: Understanding what the company’s reputation is among those who are part of the company’s regular operation: managers, officials, representatives, suppliers, customers, etc.
  • Human talent: The level of commitment of the employees, sense of belonging, commitment and respect among colleagues. The service vocation, willingness to change, learning ability and transparency. The profile of the company’s positions and its employees. The ability of the staff to resolve conflicts and the skills acquired and those that need to be strengthened.

The main benefits of having a Human Resources Consulting for a company include:

  • Creating and planning new strategies for the company’s growth.
  • Having an objective vision of the company’s human resources department and its needs.
  • Better evaluating and utilizing the company’s human capital and improving the productivity of the people.
  • Favoring the discovery and incorporation of new and valuable talents.
  • Encouraging cultural transformation of the company and acceptance of new processes.
  • Proposing new leadership models in the midst of crisis situations.

Overall, a Human Resources Consulting can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s human resources and provide solutions to improve the management and productivity of the workforce. It allows the organization to identify and address any issues and develop strategies that can drive growth and success.


A good consultancy in this business area should take into account key factors to achieve good synergy with the contracting company and its employees. Among the most outstanding aspects is that the consulting company must have suitable and trained professionals with a wide track record in managing human talent.

Having the ability to standardize experienced success cases as a pillar for consultancy in other companies, which is oriented to achieving realistic goals and efficient solutions in the organization.

As well as designing appropriate strategies for internal organization to be possible with a development and mobilization focus of the human resource. As consultants, we have the ability to transform the world from the heart of the organization.

Selection and recruitment of staff

Is another fundamental aspect that must be offered in a complete Human Resources Consultancy. As a specialized agency in recruitment, we can offer you the most complete analysis of the candidates against the real needs of the company.

We analyze the market environment and transmit the real needs and expectations of the candidates in relation to the job offer of your company.

The main objective of a good recruitment consultancy is to align the parties together, that is, the company that wants to link a prepared and secure worker and the employee who seeks good salary and working conditions. The idea is to achieve functionality and productivity at the same time.


Human resources consultancy services

Human resources consultancy services play a crucial role in helping organizations manage their most valuable asset: their employees. These services encompass a wide range of activities that are designed to optimize the performance, productivity, and well-being of a company’s workforce.

One of the key benefits of hiring a human resources consultancy is gaining access to specialized expertise in areas such as talent acquisition, employee development, performance management, and employee relations. This expertise can help organizations navigate complex HR challenges and implement best practices to attract, retain, and develop top talent.

HR consultancy services can also provide valuable support in areas such as compliance with labor laws and regulations, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and organizational development. By partnering with an HR consultancy, organizations can ensure that their HR practices are aligned with legal requirements and industry standards, while also fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

Furthermore, human resources consultancy services can offer strategic guidance and support in times of change, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, or expansion into new markets. HR consultants can help organizations develop and implement HR strategies that support business objectives and drive growth, while also ensuring that employees are effectively engaged and motivated during times of transition.

Consulting human resources

Consulting human resources involves providing expert advice and guidance to organizations on various HR-related matters. Human resources consultants help businesses optimize their HR processes, policies, and practices to enhance employee performance and organizational success.

One key aspect of consulting human resources is assisting companies in talent acquisition and management. Consultants help organizations attract, recruit, and retain top talent by designing effective recruitment strategies, conducting interviews, and developing employee retention programs.

Another important function of consulting human resources is providing training and development solutions to enhance employee skills and competencies. Consultants design and deliver training programs that address specific needs within an organization, ensuring employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their roles.

Consulting human resources also involves advising companies on compliance with labor laws and regulations. Consultants help organizations navigate complex legal requirements, develop HR policies that align with legal standards, and implement procedures to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.

In conclusion, consulting human resources plays a crucial role in helping businesses build and maintain a strong, motivated workforce. By offering strategic guidance and practical solutions, human resources consultants contribute to the overall success and growth of organizations.

Consultancy human resources

Human Resources Consultancy involves providing expert advice and support to organizations on various HR-related matters. Consultants in this field typically work closely with businesses to help them optimize their HR processes, policies, and practices.

One of the key benefits of consultancy human resources is the external perspective and expertise consultants bring to the table. They can offer fresh insights, best practices, and innovative solutions to help organizations address their HR challenges effectively.

Consultants in the field of Human Resources Consultancy are often well-versed in a wide range of HR areas, including recruitment, training and development, performance management, employee relations, and compliance. This expertise allows them to tailor their services to meet the specific needs of each client.

By engaging a Human Resources Consultancy, organizations can access specialized knowledge and skills that may not be available in-house. This can lead to improved HR outcomes, increased employee satisfaction, and ultimately, better business performance.

Human resource consulting


Human resource consulting is a specialized service provided by experts in the field of human resources to assist organizations with various HR-related needs.

These consultants offer expertise in areas such as recruitment, training, performance management, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and compliance with labor laws.

By engaging with a human resource consultancy, organizations can optimize their HR processes, improve employee engagement, and ensure legal compliance.

Human resource consultants bring external perspective and best practices to help organizations address challenges and implement effective HR strategies.

Overall, human resource consulting plays a crucial role in enhancing organizational performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Personnel consulting


Personnel consulting is a specialized service provided by Human Resources Consultancies to help organizations optimize their workforce. This service involves assisting businesses in various aspects of personnel management, such as recruitment, training, performance evaluation, and employee development.

One of the key benefits of personnel consulting is that it allows companies to access external expertise and insights in managing their human capital effectively. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of HR consultants, organizations can enhance their HR processes and strategies to align with their business goals.

Moreover, personnel consulting plays a crucial role in helping businesses navigate complex HR challenges, such as talent retention, succession planning, and organizational change. HR consultants provide valuable guidance and support to ensure that companies can address these issues proactively and strategically.

Through personnel consulting, companies can gain a competitive advantage by developing a skilled and motivated workforce that drives business growth and innovation. HR consultants work closely with organizations to design and implement HR solutions that foster a positive work environment and enhance employee engagement.