Have you realised the amazing IT talent you can find in Spain and Portugal?

Are you aware of how many international tech companies are opening new branches or subsidiaries in Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Lisbon or Porto? 

Do you know the costs of hiring in these countries?

Somehow (well, not somehow, but through years of experience and being the best in what we do!) we have organically specialised in foreign companies expanding their business in Spain or Portugal (our market areas of expertise).

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We have worked with hundreds of different companies, and we know many of the main competitors in your sector. We know how they work, we know what they do, we know the technologies they work with and the main tools they use to attract their candidates.
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If you are thinking of growing your business here, we can help you not only finding the best talent to your needs, but also doing it in a stable and efficient manner.
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We know the buttons successful companies normally press and the leverage they use to put themselves ahead of the market.

Use our knowledge in your favour.
Trust us and keep growing!


Both in Spain and Portugal there is an incredible IT talent. The thing is that in both countries new international technological companies are opening every day. New main offices, branches and subsidiaries that are providing support and services to companies from different sectors of the economy. And of course, it requires specialized personnel.

As experts in IT talent recruitment, we can support you throughout the process of selecting specialized personnel in Information Technologies. Our extensive portfolio of business consulting services includes human talent recruitment and Human Resources Consulting.

Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge, we have achieved great expertise in selecting personnel for foreign companies that are expanding their business in Portugal or Spain. The advantage is that we have worked with hundreds of different companies.

This baggage has allowed us to know many of the main competitors in various economic sectors. We know how they work, their operation, the technologies they work with, the services they offer and above all, the tools they use to attract their candidates.

If your goal is to open or expand your business in either of these two countries, we can help you. How?

By finding the best talent to meet your business needs in terms of human talent efficiently and stably. Use our knowledge to your advantage.


We are able to locate the IT talent you need. At NBS IT Recruitment, we support you with honesty, transparency, and without exaggeration in the IT personnel selection process.

We are specialists in specialized recruitment in the digital and Information Technologies fields, and operate mainly in Spain and Portugal.

Our mission is to become the reference IT recruitment agency for our partners. And among the candidates, we ensure confidence, sincerity and respect for their time in the framework of a job selection process.

We base our work on cooperation, not competition, always thinking that people come first. We understand and meet your needs as a company.

We also understand and meet the expectations of IT professional candidates, with regard to job opportunities. The fact of knowing and understanding the parties allows us to offer a transparent, trustworthy and of course, professional service.

A complete business consulting also offers a complete Human Resources Consulting. The human talent of the company is the best asset. Selecting it properly is an investment.

As a specialized recruitment agency, we have the ability to help you and select IT talents so that you achieve the maximum productivity in your business. All of this is part of our business consulting services.


We are different. That’s why we’re recognized. NBS IT Recruitment is synonymous with realism and honesty. We are transparent in the development of the entire selection process. In advance, we know and understand the company’s requirements.

We also know about the conditions of a candidacy and we communicate them in advance to the candidate. It is about achieving the perfect synergy between what the market offers, the company’s needs and the candidate’s reality.

Our goal is for things to work and for the parties to be satisfied with the expectations they had. We believe in long-term relationships that are forged from openness and mutual trust, that’s why we would like to be your partners in recruitment.


An appropriate business consulting service aims to provide technical support and assistance to manage a company. It seeks to improve the performance of the company through the implementation of improvements in the business strategy, organization, management and operation.

It is a proposal of viable solutions to improve business performance. The main benefits of an appropriate business consulting are:

  • Helping companies achieve their goals by reducing risks.
  • Favoring competitiveness from the improvements implemented by the consultant so that the company maintains or improves its position in the market.
  • Improving productivity by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in the company’s production and management chain.
  • Saving operational costs and investments in production processes.
  • Promoting teamwork and internal communication within the company.
  • Stimulating innovation by identifying new business opportunities and implementing innovation strategies.
  • Improving the company’s response capacity to crisis situations or market changes.
  • Improving the company’s reputation and positioning in the market from its internal performance.

And there can be countless advantages. The ideal is to keep in mind that a good business consulting service improves the performance of the company by identifying and solving problems.