Happy birthday to us! 

NBS IT Recruitment turns 2 this month. Who would’ve thought it? And so far, what a ride!

Often times, we hear very romanticized stories about starting a company. And, in our case, that cannot be further from the truth. It wasn’t easy. It never is. Taking that leap of faith leaves you with many sleepless nights, no matter how sure you are about the decision and your value.

But we cannot say that it wasn’t crazy difficult, either. We are not reinventing any wheel, and it is a healthy and well proven business model. We have been very lucky as well. From the beginning, through our contacts, we have had a base of clients that has allowed us so far to grow organically without a blank page syndrome. Knock on wood!

We surely have faced many challenges and many more will come. It is a tremendous learning experience. When something is truly yours, good and bad moments are lived much more intensely in an already very rollercoast-y environment.

But what is our differential value? Why should a company hire our services?

We work in a very competitive market in which many cut corners overpromising to both clients and candidates alike. We believe that honesty is not only ethically required but a great business asset, especially in the long term. When the market perceives you as reliable, it is already a great starting point, though trust is hard to get and very easy to lose.

For us, this is crucial, and we work hard on keeping that every day. We can assure you that it is not easy to tell a hiring manager that they are paying peanuts, or to a candidate that his/her expectations are completely out of the market.

We believe that the single most important thing when externalizing an IT recruitment process is who is effectively doing the job. If you hire a big agency, many people work there with different levels of seniority. You pay the same fee, but the quality of the service you get will largely depend on whom it gets assigned to. That explains why two different clients may have completely opposite feedback regarding a certain agency.

The bigger the agency, the more pyramidal the model, and that means that most of the work will be done by less experienced people on lower tiers. That impacts hugely the quality of the outcome, as you can imagine. At NBS, you will only deal with very experienced IT recruiters that will take care of your process end to end. We are not all the same, but our “base line” is very high.

You may have guessed already that from a pure business perspective that does not make a lot of sense, but NBS is not only a business, but rather, we see it as high-quality self-employment. We believe in the long term and well-established relationships with our stakeholders.

When growing, we scale it organically, keeping the same values and service. Anyway, we don’t see ourselves being a big company, though time will tell, and you never know but it is not our goal.

We’ve asked Javier de la Morena, one of our co-founders to share some insight our his feelings on this special date and here it is what he has to say:

“May 2021. It seems like it was just yesterday.

Hasty decisions, the thrill of jumping into the void… Are we doing the right thing? Aren’t we too old to embark on this journey? Will there be a way back if we make a mistake? This was somewhat the chain of thoughts, feelings, and mood two years ago…

May 2023. How did we get here? Well, step by step, I suppose, but it’s unbelievable that we are where we are. Two years of freedom, dreams, and wild plans that time put in their place, but above all, they’ve been filled with a lot of enthusiasm, a strong desire to do things our way, trying to ensure that everyone gets what they need, that we all come out as winners, and that our company has a purpose beyond survival.

The verdict? Unbelievable! Two years that feel like two days because they flew by so fast, and at the same time feel like two decades because of all we have experienced and learned.

The feeling of being at the beginning accompanies us every day. Knowing that we have to reinvent ourselves at every moment to continue giving our best and doing it the best way we know. Meeting incredible people who support us and make us feel valued. Helping others get to know each other and realising that you’ve contributed to the success of an interesting project…

What more could we ask for? Well, having great companions on this journey and making it last as long as possible. Then we can’t ask for more.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made these two years the best of adventures. See you on the road!”