The hidden value of external IT Recruitment

Back in the head-spinning days of early 2019, the idea of going solo was already dancing around in my brain. I stumbled upon a seminar titled: “Freelance Recruitment? What, why, pros, cons…” and decided to dive right in.

As the session kicked off, a speaker from the Talent Acquisition team of a hip startup fired the first shot:

“Why outsource an IT recruitment process instead of handling it internally?”

You know, sometimes you see folks on social media wondering why they should shell out a fee when all they’re doing is hunting down a CV and having a chat, right? To those folks, I always say, “If it’s that easy, why not start your own recruitment gig and start rolling in dough ASAP?”

it recruitment services money making it rain

Just like in life, the iceberg theory applies here. Success is like the tip of the iceberg, shiny and visible, but the hard work, the setbacks (oh, there are many!), and the rejections lurk beneath the surface.

Let me toss some ideas your way, seasoned with the experiences of the past three years since the birth of NBS IT Recruitment.

First off, let’s talk specialization: let’s not kid ourselves. The IT world is complex, and picking a coder isn’t the same as choosing an accountant. Often, internal HR teams lack the necessary know-how to systematically nail these processes. Sure, luck might strike now and then, but any respectable company shouldn’t gamble on luck to recruit its most valuable asset: its people.

1) Specialization also breeds specialization of roles. Instead of having dedicated selection teams, we often see the rise of the Human Resources Business Partner, the fashionable title for the Jack or Jill of all trades. Been there, done that myself, and believe me when I say, juggling recruitment while doing annual performance evaluations is a real circus act.

Sure, some companies can justify internal Talent Acquisition structures due to their size, but many others can’t. Plus, internal setups mean fixed costs, while outsourcing means variable ones.

2) Economy of scale: Just like it’s easier to hit up a restaurant for paella rather than whipping it up yourself, it’s not the same to occasionally scout for a Java dev as it is to do it practically every darn day. Being constantly in the market gives you direct, ongoing contact and experience, whereas starting from scratch once or twice a year is a herculean effort.

3) Networking is key. Often, the top-notch pros aren’t actively looking, and their profiles aren’t updated on networks or databases. Years of doing the same thing open doors that would otherwise stay shut. It’s all about the power of networking.

it recruitment services networking i am networking

Now, let’s talk 4) Price. Like everything else in life, it’s open to interpretation. Eating out costs more than cooking at home because cooking requires time, shopping, planning, and effort (especially if you’re not a fan of cooking). Some clients don’t even have a kitchen, so they’d have to start from scratch.

I’m not saying outsourcing always pays off, but thorough research is necessary because there are many hidden costs.

The professional tools we use, licenses, advertisements, etc., aren’t cheap. It makes sense to pay for them once a certain volume is reached, which not all final companies have.

Internal human resources also come with a cost: not just monetary, but also in terms of management, mentoring, etc. We’ve seen many cases of companies deciding to handle recruitment internally for a year or two, only to revert to outsourcing later. Having your own resources makes sense with large and constant volumes. That way, fixed expenses can be justified.

But if the volume fluctuates or isn’t very high, we don’t believe it’s worth maintaining a structure.

An important point to consider is that outsourced selections come with 5) guarantees. Hiring someone new requires a significant investment of time and money. If, for whatever reason, that person doesn’t meet expectations, it’s a significant loss.

Fortunately, our processes come with a guarantee of success. Whether it’s through a warranty (conducting a new process at no cost) or a rebate (returning a portion or the entire amount), it provides great peace of mind.

it recruitment services Peace of mind

Similarly, at NBS IT Recruitment, we work with the ‘success fee’ formula. If you don’t find the person you need, you don’t have to pay anything.

But hey, outsourcing isn’t always a walk in the park. One of the biggest downsides is that an external company will never fully grasp the internal quirks like an in-house team would.

However, we try to establish long-term relationships with our clients to minimize this effect as much as possible. Through trial and error, we’re proud to say we know some of our clients almost as well as they know themselves.

In conclusion, every case is unique, but we believe outsourcing your IT recruitment processes is a solid choice in most cases. Sometimes, internal teams just can’t cut it, and external help is needed.

That’s where we come in. Shall we chat?