The importance of a good supplier

We just fired our SEO provider 🔥🔚

We were not happy. Despite our year-long efforts, we couldn’t establish a mutual understanding. This issue extends beyond measurable results (that weren’t good either); it’s a matter of “feeling” as well. Although it may be premature to say so – as we are still in the honeymoon phase – we are delighted with our new partnership. Feeling…

We are both buyer and supplier so we can see the matter from both perspectives.

Here are some reflections that, hopefully, can assist you in making better decisions when it comes to the daunting task of selecting a new supplier:

1- Trust is like a mirror

You cannot fix it once it’s broken. Building trust is challenging but destroying it takes very little effort. Trust is absolutely paramount, regardless of results. You must be certain that your supplier is doing everything possible to deliver optimal outcomes. Effective communication is key; failure to express your expectations or actions can lead to misunderstandings.

At NBS, we take this responsibility seriously, continuously working to build trust day by day. We recognize that once trust is shattered, it’s nearly impossible to restore, distorting the entire relationship.

2- My way or the highway

Early in our interaction with our former SEO supplier, their inflexibility surprised me. They seemed rigid, believing they had everything figured out, while we were expected to adapt. I initially perceived this as professionalism but later realized it was just inflexibility. I felt uncomfortable when my opinions and suggestions were disregarded.

We have a completely different approach. As a small company, we are highly flexible and adaptable. While we infuse our expertise into everything we do, we adapt to our clients’ visions. If the gap is too wide, we prefer not to collaborate, understanding that it won’t be a successful partnership.

3- Don’t ignore red flags

This is closely related to the previous point. At the outset, we often overlook warning signs, hoping for a perfect outcome. This tendency also applies when making highly anticipated purchases. Beware, and don’t disregard this information, as it can save you time in the long run.

To us, it is as important knowing how to say no as to say yes.

4 – Don’t fear change

We are often bound by psychological biases that make us reluctant to end relationships in which we’ve invested significant time or effort. We fear losing everything, even when something isn’t working. This approach is flawed and applies across various aspects of life. When something isn’t working, consider the resources you haven’t yet invested – these can still be changed.

People resist change, but frequently, what we have isn’t the best we can get. It’s never too late for a change. Taking that first step is difficult but becomes easier with time. Make that investment.

At NBS, we understand that acquiring new clients is time-consuming but, with the right ones, highly rewarding.

5- Trust in reviews

Reviews exist for a reason. Conduct due diligence and be critical. Don’t blindly believe everything you read, but don’t dismiss information that challenges your beliefs either. The experiences of others can be invaluable. When revisiting reviews of our former SEO supplier, I recognized many warning signs that were present.

Your reviews and feedback are gifts to others. Consider reaching out to existing clients to understand their experiences; in this internet era, it’s easier than you think. People are often more willing to help than you might imagine.

We are proud of the reviews and feedback we receive from our clients.

Feel free to check them out!

6- Long-term relationships

We are committed to long-term relationships. Like any relationship, there will be ups and downs, but when trust is at the core, long-term investments always pay off. In our increasingly complex world, having someone who understands you inside and out is invaluable.

Remember that feeling when you don’t need to express certain things to be understood? That’s what we aim for, from both ends.

7- Don’t Cut Corners

This is self-explanatory. Quality comes at a price, as is the case with everything in life. While we all try to reduce costs, shortcuts often lead to more time and money spent in the end, especially in services where quality and price are not always directly related.

At NBS, we strive to offer competitive prices without compromising on top-quality service.

So, if you’re wondering what we do at NBS IT Recruitment (Our services):

It’s quite straightforward. We are an IT Recruitment firm. If you require IT talent for your enterprise, we’ll conduct the search for you. It’s not a simple task, but we’ve successfully accomplished it for years.

If you’re seeking the next step in your professional career, we can assist with that. And if we can’t, we can offer valuable advice on how to achieve it.

That’s our approach. We don’t overextend; we offer what we excel at, with a personal touch at a great price.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us!