The Haunted Chronicles of IT Recruitment 🎃

From the trenches, it’s way easier to feel the pulse of the patient, and at NBS IT Recruitment, we’ve been in the trenches for, like, forever. We’ve got inputs flying around about how the IT Recruitment world is a hot mess: fake job offers, sellers with no scruples, KPIs that make as much sense as a cat barking…

And yeah, these things have been haunting us forever, but it seems like we’re inching towards a change of era. But hey, in every change, there’s an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, right?


The Current State of IT Recruitment


A major trend that was already happening but got its ghostly grip stronger with the pandemic and the definite rise of remote work is globalization. Candidates can work from wherever, and the battle for talent is now a global ghost hunt.

Some markets get qualified professionals at better prices, but in places like Spain (Madrid/Barcelona), we’re facing a clear talent inflation. It’s like a scary rollercoaster, but with less screaming and more LinkedIn stalking.

Qualified people shortage. Positions are getting more specialized than a wizard’s spell book.

The IT world has always been on fast-forward, but now it seems like it’s on fast-forward, in turbo mode. Frameworks that used to pop up every year now seem to spawn like rabbits, making the risk of becoming obsolete quicker than a vampire avoiding garlic. The need to add value is higher than a cat on catnip.

On the flip side, an unprecedented challenge for the IT world recently is the art of cutbacks. Downsizing, lay-offs, hiring freezes… We’re witnessing tech giants slashing their teams dramatically, and some IT pros are finding themselves benched for the first time in their virtual lives.


Where is IT Recruitment Headed?


  • AI Powered: smaller teams and consultants turning more cyborg. For now, I don’t think we’re in danger of being replaced because this world is not just about what’s said but also about what’s not said, what’s felt… Empathy, my dear Watson, that’s what separates us from the robots.


  • It’s all about candidate experience: they want more humanity in the relationships. Prefabricated messages won’t cut it. User experience must be pampered from start to finish, whatever the outcome. Interaction, information, feedback… it’s like a date, but scarier.


  • Cut through the noise; there’s more information, but less of it matters. Getting an audience is just the first step. Then you gotta keep the communication level high. Why should I care about this job offer? Enough with the empty buzzwords; let’s solve the problems of job seekers.


From the trenches, it’s easier to feel the pulse of the war, but it’s also easier to get lost in the details and lose sight of the big picture. What do you guys think? Drop your spooky thoughts in the comments.


Zombies hiring managers, vampire salesmen, mommy candidates, ghost-ing everywhere…

Frankenstein recruiters…trick or treat?


Happy Halloween! 🎃👻